I seem to have ended up on the conservative side of a debate in my old age.

Liberals tended oppose the use of drones ,automated killing machines. They do so because they see them as a morally inferior alternative to a fair trial. Which they would
be if all other things were equal. But all other things are not equal.

If someone’s gone to ground in a foreign country, and US surrounded .by a personal militia, and an outer ring of civilians, how doyiu arrest them and bring them to trial without holding a stating battle between your forces, and their, with a co miserable risk to any civilians?

Drone strikes look bad compared to civilian justice, but civilian justice isn’t a reasonable alternative where they are typical used.

Compared to typical military assaults .on the ground, they .look good. They are not quite an ideal surgical strike with .no collateral damage, but
they are closest approximation we ha’ve.